This fantastic site contains nice information about, myself, music, Elvis Presley, TV-series, movies, soccer, jokes, computers and internet among other things


My name is Meikel Jungner. Here you can find information about me, music, Elvis (and Elvis inspired singers), TV-series and more. This site uses frames (and in some individual pages Java).


 Last updated: June 16, 2014

Something about the content:
This site contains information about me, Meikel Jungner, my interests and many links to interesting sites. My greatest interest is music. That's why this site will contain a lot of music information and links. I like many different kinds of music, like: rock n' roll/rock, rockabilly, country, ballads, pop, Elvis Presley, Elvis sound-alikes and tribute artists, Orion (Jimmy Ellis), BR5-49, BZN, Jack Jersey, Mary Duff, Meatloaf, Starlight Drifters, The Refreshments, Bouke, Tony Roi, Mandy Barnett, Mike Denver and many others. I'll also try to make a page about TV-series and movies. Here you'll be able to find links and information about my favorite TV-series like: "24", "Chuck", "House", "The Unit", "Suits", "Prison Break", "Supernatural" among others.

The language is in English... but some of the sub pages are in Swedish
The language is in English, but some of the sub pages are in Swedish only!


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