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BR5-49 - Big Backyard Beat Show


1. There goes my love
2. Wild one
3. Hurtin' song
4. Out of habit
5. Storybook endings
6. 18 wheels and a crowbar
7. Pain, pain go away
8. You are never nice to me
9. Goodbye Maria
10. Seven nights to rock
11. My name is mud
12. You flew the coop
13. Change the way I look
14. Georgia on a fast train
BR5-49 is one of the most successful country bands today. They play real country music, in the good old style. This is a great album with a lot of great country/rockabilly/hillbilly songs. A great mixture of ballads and rockin' up tempo songs. This is the best album of the 4 that BR5-49 has released. Their other albums are "BR5-49", "Live At Robert's" and "Coast To Coast".

It's hard to point out any favourite tracks, because they are all great. If I have to choose, I would say There goes my love, which is a great cover of this Buck Owens song, and Goodbye Maria, written by Chuck Mead in BR5-49.

If you want to listen to samples from this CD you can go to

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