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Tony Roy - Hand In Hand


1. Back on the road again
2. Don't call her angel
3. I'm yours forever
4. Darling I love you
5. All of my life
6. One more time
7. I remember
8. Let it be me

9. One dance with you
10. Hand in hand
This is one of the best albums that I have! The singer is great. He has one of the best voices that I have ever heard. The songs are also really, really great. This album contains mostly ballads, the song "I Remember" is a little bit faster, but it probably fits in the ballad category also.

The singer on this album it the very talented man Tony Roi (here he spells his name: Tony Roy). When writing this, he is currently working on his "Spanish" album. Before he released the "Hand in Hand" album, he hade some singles out which contained some of the songs later put on this album. The single: "One More Time" sold gold in Europe! Tony has a strong voice that reminds me a little bit of Elvis Presley, and maybe also a little bit of the belgian singer Helmut Lotti.

You can listen to some sound clips from the album at: (you have to search first for the album in Amazon's search engine). This album was produced by Jack White and recorded in Germany. Tony has also been (and still is) involved with Legends In Concert, for over ten years.