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Rick Saucedo - Memphis I'm Coming Home

Memphis I'm Comming Home


1. Ready Freddy 23 skidoo tonight
2. El Diablo
3. I will stay
4. Destiny
5. Heart and soul

6. Passion of love
7. Rock n' roll
8. Memphis I'm comming home
9. My Lord
10. Don't put me down
Rick Saucedo is one great singer, and this CD is really good. All songs are written and arranged by Rick Saucedo himself. He is also backed up with the fabulous Jordanaires. I put a "-" in my rating of the CD, cause I think the CD could have been a couple of minutes longer with some more fast (rocking) songs.

As you probably can see from the CD cover, Rick has been influenced by Elvis Presley, which you can hear in a couple of songs. Rick has also his own tribute show to the King. When singing Elvis songs, he can sound similar to Elvis (I have a video tape where he sings a lot of Elvis songs from the 50's and 60's). My favourite songs in this CD are: Ready Freddy 23 skidoo tonight, Heart and soul and Rock n' roll.

You can find Rick Saucedo's homepage at: There can you listen to some short sound samples and order merchendise.